logoOnce upon a time in the heart of the Netherlands there was a young boy unlike others. While classmates and friends were playing soccer or buying their newest Nintendo games, the boy spent his time watching his mother cook, teaching him all about the art of cuisine. Fresh ingredients were selected and one dish after another was being prepared everyday. As his mother noticed his curious observations, one day she asked him if he would ‘like to help with plating the dishes’. The boy was thrilled and started helping out with presenting the food. After each dish presentation the boy would eagerly wait for people’s reactions. ‘Bravo! This looks amazing!’ said a family friend. With a happy, big smile on his face the boy felt like he was on top of the world.

Many years passed and the young boy grew up to be a young man with his very own kitchen. As times changed and the internet became increasingly popular, the young man started sharing his dish presentations online and find inspiration in creations of fellow foodies around the world. He made friends from all over the world who proudly presented their signature dishes and international cuisine. When a friend in New York City managed to impress and make a simple hamburger taste impeccable by narrating the fantastic story behind the dish, the young man realized that it’s not only great ingredients and natural flavors that make a dish fabulous, but it’s the people and their stories that add the spices to great food. This realization together with his childhood love for cooking, creating and presenting amazing dishes brings you here today. Welcome to dishtales.com!


Dishtales is a registered company with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under the following number: 62877887.